Customized Art

You like my style of painting, but wish to have a truly unique work of art? Looking for that perfect gift?

Look no further! Please find more info below : ​


1. You are looking for a bespoke gift for a loved one (or yourself!) 

2. You wish to redecorate your interior / you've had this big empty wall for ages and wish to put something on it

3. You have a specific theme/colour in your house or office. Thanks to customized artworks, you become a co-artist as we create together a piece of art that will be 100% yours 

4. You can add personal touches on your painting, such as your name, important dates, etc... 

5. You will have a work of art that will tell your story, and it will be your legacy that you can pass on to your children / grandchildren ! 

How does it work?

1. Choose one of the themes below and click on "View more" 

2. Once you've read the details and pricing, fill in the form to give me a maximum of information.

3. I will answer you by mail, we agree on the details and you send me a high quality photo.

4. I get to work! You can expect a maximum of 8 weeks to receive your painting (but it can be much quicker) 

5. Once the painting is finished, I will carefully pack it up and send it over to you.

6. You receive the painting, ready to be hung up ! 


A customized individual or family portrait 


Want a special animal in your home? Head this way!


A painting of your passion / a house / a scenery you love 


Put some epic in your life! Transform yourself into a the superhero of your choice ! 

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