My artistic approach

The art of portraiture is both the art of a person’s singularities and of their heritage.


I love portraiture as it is one of the oldest art forms, and has the particularity of magnifying absence by conferring a fragment of eternity on the subject treated. By combining movement with inertia, I tend to reveal the expressiveness of the still person as a living and meaningful subject.

Any painting and in particular any portrait lies at the confluence of a dream and a reality

Georges perec

I am a contemporary portrait painter specialized in the study of our identity. I use my creativity to capture the singularity of each being in all its amplitude and latencies. Existential imprints - visible and invisible - of living things fascinate me. I tell life stories in portraits, combining mixed media with the emotional power of colors.


Please find below, my past and current collections!

Femina Historia 2020 - in progress

Through this collection, I strive to highlight emblematic historical female figures through their portrait with a contemporary twist. Actresses, writers, explorers, scientists, artists… each female character is highlighted by a singular composition revealing her identity, which very often is unknown.

Directly inspired by the Greek phrase Kalos Kagathos ("the beautiful and the good"), I reinvent the codes of Beauty by picturing these women in a contemporary way.  I am creating this “FEMINA HISTORIA”  collection to refresh the collective memory, stimulate intellectual curiosity through the pictorial narration of life stories that are sometimes glorious, extraordinary, and always unusual.

Coeur 2 Sport / Sports portraits 2020

I created this collection for the Coeur 2 Sport initiative : 1 sportsperson, 1 artist, 1 charitable cause. Each of these sportspeople  wished to be represented in the likeness and costume of a superhero. This collection will be auctioned in favour of the various charitable causes represented. 

Oil Collection 2012 - 2019

Collection of oil paintings produced between 2012 and 2019. I was introduced to oil painting in 2009 during an end-of-studies internship with my teacher, Dimberton. This gave birth to a collection of portraits, shown below.

Virtual Reality Artworks 2017 - 2020

Below, videos of my virtual reality creations on Google Tilt Brush. This tool allows you to create a 3D environment using a virtual reality headset (here, the Oculus Rift S)

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